greek muse of music crossword

greek muse of music crossword

greek muse of music crossword

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Crossword Answers:muse of music
EUTERPE Muse of music
TRIO Muse of music, e.g.
EUTERPEAN Pertaining to the muse of music and lyric poertry in Greek mythology (9)
EMMA First name of Lady Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson, muse of George Romney (4)
IMELDA First name of the ‘Muse of Manila’
POLYHYMNIA Muse of sacred music
CLIO Muse of history of Greek myth
TERPSICHOREAN Of the Muse of dance (13)
ODYSSEY It starts “Tell me, muse, of the man of many resources”
ERATO One of the mythological Greek Nereids; or, the Greek Muse of lyric poetry (5)
ARTHUR The first name of Boy Capel, the polo-playing lover and muse of Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel (6)
CALLIOPE Muse of epic poetry and of poetic inspiration
THALIA Muse of comedy, also one of the Graces (6)
MELPOMENE Muse of tragedy
URANIA Greek Muse of astronomy
UMA Frequent muse of Quentin
TERPSICHORE Greek Muse of dance and chorus (11)
MNEME Boeotian Muse of memory
THALIAS Muse of comedy in Greek myth, and her namesakes
DORA Photographer/ Mistress/Muse of Picasso, ___ Maar (b.1907 – d.1997)
WENDY Wife and muse of Brett Whiteley, maiden name 1 across (5)
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Milky gemstone
Apartment dweller, perhaps
Andean shrub
Laze in the tub
Warehouse base
An arm or a leg
In one’s dotage
Aegean area
Altar answer
Gunwale pin
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