punk electronic music duo crossword clue


Here are your answers : Punk electronic music duo crossword clue, electronic music duo punk

Crossword Answers:___ punk (electronic music duo)
DAFT ___ Punk (electronic music duo)
CHEMICAL The _ Brothers; English electronic music duo (8)
DAFT PUNK French electronic music duo formed in 1993 (4,4)
KLF The ?, electronic music duo comprising Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty who recorded 1991 Top Five album The White Room (1,1,1)
ORBITAL Electronic dance music duo consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll
JAN Surf-music duo ___ and Dean
KROSS Kris ___ (music duo)
FLO ___ & Eddie (pop music duo)
YING Rap music duo, ___ Yang Twins
TEGAN ___ and Sara (Music duo from Calgary)
RYAN Macklemore& ___ Lewis (music duo)
TATU Faux-lesbian Russian music duo
PET ___ Shop Boys (British music duo)
LINE Florida Georgia ___ (country music duo)
ARTIE Paul Simon’s nickname for his music duo partner
WHAM 1980s music duo whose name included an exclamation point
OATES Hall & ___ (Music duo)
TAE Country music duo Maddie & ___
KALYANJI Music duo ___ Anandji
SLC “___ Punk!” (movie about punk rock in Utah)
SKA ___-Punk music
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